web2_0.jpgICT Across the Curriculum, 2012

This is the space we will be using in this course to share our learning. It is here that you will add your pages that explain your Web2.0 application or other technology and share your ideas about why it is (or isn't) a useful resource for a primary classroom.

It's also where I will demonstrate what a wiki is and what social bookmarking is, but more on that in week 2.

Today I want you to use the discussion forum attached to this home page to share your reflections about how you've seen ICT being used when you've been on placement. Wikispaces has changed since I last used it (a common thing among web 2.0 technologies!) but you can find the discussions by clicking on the dialog bubble icon next to the Edit icon on the top right hand part of this page.

The first part of our course will involve learning about Web 2.0 applications that might be useful in classrooms. But first of all you need to know what Web 2.0 is. This video is a little cute but gives you a nice overview of the main features of Web 2 and how it differs from what the web used to be. These are important ideas to incorporate into your classroom curriculum. So check out the video.

Since the start of semester I have come across a great resource for web 2 tools in the classroom - it s a collaborative social networkign site
http://www.classroom20.com/ called Classroom 2.0 and has lots of discussion about lots of web 2 tools and how they are being used in the classroom. Check it out. Join it and contribute your ideas and thoughts as well.