Prezi was launched in April 2009 as a tool to share ideas, present work and persuade in an engaging and visual way. Prezi provides a fresh outlook on traditional slide show presentations as ideas can all be seen on a big canvas. This allows the viewer to see the bigger picture, the zoom function allows for placing emphasis on smaller ideas. This web 2.0 technology lets your notes come to life and tell a story in a random placed brainstorm or structured presentation. One of the many benefits of Prezi is that is allows the viewer to see the whole story on one page, unlike many slides in a power point presentation.

Prezi also allows you to insert images, videos and other media to enhance your presentation.
Prezi can be used within classrooms, for story telling, for conferences, sharing information, beginning discussion, inspriring thinking and delivering ideas.

Prezi is a cloud based program which can be accessed from any computer online. There are also more advanced and privatized versions of Prezi which you can purchase to use on your computer without needing internet access.
Prezi also allows for collaboration, using the 'Prezi Meeting' feature up to ten people can edit a Prezi in real time and present Prezi's to each other.

Features of Prezi:

-Pan and zoom
-Importing media
-Working together
-Present work online and offline
-Add a story line

Why Prezi is useful for students?

Prezi in the Classroom:

There have been many suggestions as to how Prezi can be used, and how it has been used in classrooms across the world. Prezi is a tool that acts as a visual aid to convey information, in an easy to understand way. Here are some ways Prezi can be used in the classroom:

To convey information: By creating a Prezi information can be conveyed in a short, but direct way. Information can also be grouped. It also allows you to see the bigger picture.

Sharing big ideas: Teachers and/or students can create a Prezi to share big ideas of a text, or subject.

Breaking down information: A Prezi can be created to break down a topic, or story so they can be more easily analyzed and discussed.

Showing brainstormed ideas: Whether is it a class brainstorm, or a brainstorm about a story, or topic. Prezi provides an opportunity to expose ideas in a different way. It also allows to show links between ideas.

Digital Portfolio: Students can collate work in a digital way, to add into a Prezi. Students can also add captions/reflections with each piece.

Storytelling/Storyboards : An alternative way to creating/ writing a traditional story. Students can make a more interactive multi- modal text.

Topic introductions/ review: Teachers can create a Prezi to capture students attention when beginning a new topic, they may choose to include pictures, information, videos, and even questions to encourage discussion.

Both teachers and students can also create a Prezi to review a topic. For students this can be a tool for revising before a test.

Vocabulary: Students individually, or as a class can create word lists and write their own definitions for words they don't know the meaning to.

Timelines/ recounts: Using headings, dates, words,text boxes, different themes, pictures and videos students can create a timeline. This can be used in a SOSE class to show events in history e.g the gold rush.I. t can also be used to create a recount of events in a story


Getting to know you activities: As will be seen in the PD, students and teachers can create a Prezi about themselves, interests,hobbies, etc. This is a good activity to use at the beginning of the year and allows for use of technology, compared to the introduction cube often made on the first day.

Here is an example:

Assessment: An alternative to assessment posters, allow students to create a Prezi about a topic they have been researched. As well as writing the information, and cutting and pasting pictures, students can add in media such as sounds, and videos.

For group projects/presentations: Rather then students working on one Powerpoint presentation, Prezi can allow them all to work on one presentation collaboratively from multiple computers. Students all have the opportunity to use the program, contribute to work and create a presentation which can also be used for an oral. The Prezi may also be printed.

Problem solving: Instead of the teacher just writing up a worded maths problem, he/she can create a Prezi. The teacher can include pictures, text, and or video to cater for all the learning types. The teacher can also add in problems, and ask students to work on them. The Prezi can also include ways to solve the problem.

Debates/oral presentations on issues: In doing debates, or looking at issues. students can create a Prezi to show two sides of an issue, students can present these to the class. They can also include interviews rather then just quotes to convey sides.

Pros and Cons of Prezi

  • Very visual
  • Easy to use
  • Can import videos & images
  • View entire page
  • Zoom in and out function
  • Uses cloud
  • Can be accessed from any PC, laptop and I Pad
  • Free to download
  • Allows for collaborative work
  • Free version is public
  • Have to pay for offline version
  • Limited storage/memory
  • Can be seen as just another way to feed students with Information.
  • Free version relies on internet connection.
  • Large file types may lead to difficulties in downloading

Sample Prezis

Stduent using a Prezi for an oral on Runaway slaves

Teaching a maths concept using Prezi.

Student thoughts on Prezi


Creating a Prezi- Help and tips:

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Examples of different Prezi's for various purposes:

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Strategies for teaching with Prezi:


Prezi education site:

Here you can find ideas on how to use Prezi, sample prezis and discussions around prezi.

Prezi web site:

here you can find information about the program, prices, sign up, example Prezis and simple tutorials.

Lesson plan


As a group we have created a survey using 'Survey Monkey.' This requires our audience to complete a group of questions in regards to our presentation on Prezi's. The feedback receieved will help us to reflect on our presentation and dicuss where we could have made changes.

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