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(A graphical blog) is an online multimedia poster that combines text, photos, videos, music, graphics, links and other media elements. (The Free Encyclopedia, 2012)

Description of the Technology

Glogster is a graphic blog and is a recently new program, being created in 2007 and Glogster EDU was discovered in 2009. It is a social network designed to create an interactive poster that can be shared online. Images, videos, music clips (MP3) can be added to be interactive for the viewers. Glogster has over one million registered users in over 200 hundred different countries. Glogster is a public site; however Glogster EDU was created to serve educational purposes and allows teachers and pupils to use glogs as instructional aids and share their glogs created in a safe, private virtual environment (Glogster, 2007).

Glogster allows what would have been plain posters to be interactive, challenging and creative! In November 2011 Glogster announced that they were going to remodel their website and it was revealed in early 2012.

Glogster have a group of users named The Commando, they were selected due to their enthusiasm and interaction. The Glogster team selects approximately 200 hundred users to join the group and members of The Commando can nominate each other users to join. The Commandos have special privileges such as first access to new features. The Glogster team reply on The Commandos for suggestions for site improvements and feedback from users.

Glogster EDU
Glogster EDU provides and interactive and dynamic teaching experience. Designed for primary and secondary students, teachers privately register students to create a safe virtual class. The glogs are private and monitored by teachers therefore made accessible to others on teachers’ control. Schools can interact with each other through Glogster and share their work. There are different types of accounts on Glogster EDU that are paid for by the school, the Single Free option is a free account for teachers and the paid for ones go by the amount of students who have an account and the interaction available (Glogster EDU, 2012). The link below is a pricing list of the packages available on Glogster EDU:
Package Pricing

Glogster EDU provides students and teachers with a range of benefits whilst using 'Glogster'. Below are some examples:
Classroom Benefits of ‘Glogster EDU’ :
  • A fun learning experience

  • A new way to express creativity

  • Private, secure, safe virtual classroom monitored by teachers

  • Drives new interest levels around subjects that may have been seen as “boring” before

  • Adds audiovisual aspects to traditionally text-oriented subjects

  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration with classmates

  • Increases drive to be independently creative

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • Improves student-teacher relationships by allowing both to explore Web 2.0 & learning concepts together

  • Keeps teachers and students up-to-date with modern technology

(Glogster EDU, 2012)

Links to Relevent Resources to help expand your knowledge about this application and its use in school classrooms.
  • Glogster : The 'Glogster' website, where you can signup and create your own Glogs.

  • Read Write Think have a webpage about 'Teaching with Glogster'. It has a few lesson plans down the bottom of the page and also some information on the process of using 'Glogster' in the classroom.

  • A short video outlining how to create a 'Glog'.

Examples of how 'Glogster' is being used in the classroom and further ideas about ways it could be used

Introducing teachers to a new class, rather than ‘my name is…’
Students are always interested in finding out more about their teacher on a personal level. Using glogster to introduce themselves will allow for the students to connect with the teacher. It is also doing this in a way that is relevant to the students as 21st century learners.

Students can introduce themselves to the class
In the same way that it is a new and interesting way for teachers to introduce themselves to the class, it is also a new way for students, rather than the typical ‘ice breakers’ that are so commonly used. These ways can generally be quite daunting for students and rather un-personal, so having students present themselves through a glog allows them to portray themselves how they want without being embarrassed.

Can be used for writing prompts
Glogster can be used as a literacy prompting tool. Words, songs, photos, illustrations etc. can be used as a prompt for students to find something to write about.

Presentation of research results
Instead of the usual powerpoint, poster etc. that students often present their research with, glogster is a creative way that students can use to present their research findings. All students are able to access the work and it removes a lot of the clutter that posters generally make in classrooms. It is an easy way to share work and peers are able to give feedback through a new glogster if they wish.

Introducing a unit of study to the class
When new units are introduced to students, a glogster is an easy way for the teacher to share this. It allows for students to always look back over the unit as they are always able to access this whether they are at school or not. Updates can be made the glogster as the unit goes along and so students can always know where they are up to in the unit.

Students are able to access the glogs at home
A major problem in schools is when students are absent, they are not able to keep up with what they have missed in their classroom. Glogster can be a way of communicating with the students so they can always be up to date and not miss any of the important learning that has happened that day. If there are multiple students away it also means that teachers are not having to organise multiple catch up packs for students, as they can all just look at the same information on the glogster.

Allows for diverse learning styles
It is often tricky to allow for diverse learning styles in every class that is taken, and glogster offers a way for this to be incorporated into every class. It allows for students of all learning styles to be able to work independently and in a way that is comfortable to them.

Used to encourage teamwork
Being able to work co-operatively in a team is a skill that is imperative that students learn. Using glogster in the classroom allows for students to work as a team and build these skills. They can all work collaboratively on the glogster and each of them will be able to contribute.

Used as a form of assessment
Rather than always using ‘paper’ assessment, a different spin can be put on assessing by using students glogsters as a form of assessment.

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