4-5J What's the Matter?

What's the Matter?

We are focusing on solids, liquids and gases as for their science unit. This is my wiki page where I have shared my findings and experiences. Happy learning scientists!


We created oobleck in class the other day for science as an experiment. We made it by using water and cornflower. Mixing these two ingredients together the chemical reaction of them made oobleck. It was crazy! It was a liquid and it was a solid because it was both hard and soft. When I squeezed the oobleck it was hard but when I just held it still it ran through my fingers. I wonder what it would taste like or if humans are able to digest it? I had fun making oobleck and I am going to ask mum if I can make some when I get home to show her. By Claire.
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Making Jelly

Today in our science experiment we observed the different states of matter - solid, liquids and gases - whilst creating jelly.
Here is an example of the different states of matter we observed:

Ice blocks are a solid because they hold their shape and volume

When the jelly crystals dissolved into the water, we were left with only a liquid. It is a liquid because it has a definite volume, but takes the shape of its container.

The water evapourated into a gas. It is a gas because has not definite volume or shape.

In groups we have created a voicethread which shows the different steps we took to make jelly and the different states of matter we found along the way. Click here to visit our voicethread.